Year end VAT adjustments (BUA) - After Lunch Session Tuesday 4-2-2020

Year end VAT adjustments (BUA)

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Tuesday 4-2-2020

- Walk in: 12.45
- Start presentation: 13.00
- Q & A: 13.30 to 14.00


At the end of the calendar year every Dutch VAT entrepreneur is obliged to make a filing for the annual VAT adjustments, like the partial recovery of VAT refunds in relation to company cars and other employee benefits. These adjustments are typically reported in VAT return for the first quarter in the following year. During this session we will explain the general scope of these annual adjustments and the way this reporting obligation should be handled.


Edwin Veele – Tax partner


Free coffee, tea and refreshments after lunch!


WTC Amsterdam
WTC Zuidas Business & Conference
Strawinskylaan 77


Please note that the presentation will be given in English.
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